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Dear AIH members and our guests to our website:

Mustafa Aral

As you know we rotate the Presidency of the American Institute of Hydrology (AIH) every two years. Starting this year it is my pleasure and honor to serve as the President of AIH for the period 2015 – 16. I would like to start my term by thanking our membership for their confidence in electing me as the President of AIH.    


Looking ahead to 2015 and beyond we have a variety of plans, many of which are for the immediate benefit of our members and others are to increase the visibility of AIH in national and international professional circles. From time-to-time I will use this platform to share with you these developments, the upcoming events and the actions of the Executive Committee on these activities.


In my opinion a strong professional organization will naturally emerge if its members find value in joining and being an active member of the organization. Therefore the primary goal of my term is to make sure that this purpose becomes evident for our members as we introduce new activities and take new leadership roles within the hydrologic community both nationally and internationally.        


In my March 2015 AIH Bulletin address to our members I have summarized the progress we have made with the “Network of International Hydrological Association (NHA),” which is a global hydrologic community. AIH is now the founding member of this international networking group, whose membership is continuously increasing. This activity is a good example of the leadership role I envision for AIH in the international arena. You can see the list of the members of this organization and its broader purpose as I have summarized in my message in the March 2015 AIH Bulletin.

The second activity we are working on is to make AIH a nationally visible institution through its professional certification process. As our members well know, AIH is the only professional organization within the borders of USA which provides certification for the hydrologic community with well established procedures, examinations and rules. Unfortunately, in my opinion, this is not well advertised within our community. Yes, through the efforts of our leadership we are trying to spread the word on this fact, but we need the contribution our members to this effort by letting their colleagues and organizations know about this role of the institute.

The third activity in our plans is to make AIH web site an information and education hub for its members. This information exchange may take the form of webinars or web based presentations on current topics in hydrology. We are already a large community capable of supporting these type of activities for our members. But we also need active members who are willing to contribute to these efforts for the benefit of the broader membership. Your ideas and contributions in this area are also welcome. Such efforts not only will be beneficial for our membership but it will also bring visibility to the contributing individual or the organization within our community.

More to come on these and other subjects in my future communications. As I have said above, through these activities our goal is to make AIH a valuable organization to join. In my opinion the strength and success of an institution such as AIH can only be measured by the number of its active members who are willing to contribute to the common goal of improving AIH to serve its members. Be assured that any contribution of our members in that direction will be welcome and will be considered by the Executive Committee of AIH. Please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director Dr. Rolando Bravo or me (directly) to share your ideas and recommendations.       


I look forward to the next two years and I hope to meet and work with many of you during this period.


My best regards.


Mustafa M. Aral, PhD, PE, PH.

President AIH

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology


February 1, 2015